Yulene Developmental Consulting
“Yulene is a pleasure to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable, caring, gentle, and honest. As a parent who has worked with various pediatric professionals, Yulene was the only one who knew exactly what was going on with my 4.5 year old daughter. I felt a huge weight lift off my chest as she calmly explained how my daughter was experiencing the world and what we can do to help her catch up developmentally. Although I realize my daughter may still have challenges, I now have hope for her future. Working with Yulene is worth every minute and penny you have to spare – you are investing in your child’s future and well-being. I hope more concerned parents, who have felt ignored regarding their child’s health and development, find Yulene! I live in New York and find it easy and convenient to have our sessions and discussions over facetime. I’ve gone from hopeless to hopeful thanks to Yulene.”
“Yulene is a very kind and caring individual. She has the amazing ability to look at the “ whole person and situation” and from that is able to guide you in the right direction for success and progress. She is great with teaching techniques and also extremely knowledgeable in various forms of therapy , which in our case were very effective.

Although our daughter is a young adult, she continues to make great strides enriching her life, and making us hopeful for the future. “


Ms. Yulene是行业内Top 1的OT,早在我女儿上她课之前就听人那么说。第一次听老师讲座,然后浅聊几句我女儿的情况,就知道这是我女儿需要的OT,没人能比她做得更好了,知识积累是如此地宽广深厚,观察力是如此地一流敏锐,见解是如此地独到,跟家长解说又是如此地简单易懂,家长有种原来如此、茅塞顿开的感觉,不然而然地信任她所说的,感觉就是如此奇妙。我迫不及待跟朋友分享了同样的感觉,朋友也有认同感。很快我们开始上老师的课,我的感觉果然没错,Ms. Yulene是最好的OT,是真正懂sensory integration 的OT,上Ms. Yulene的课还有种兼具ST和PT的感觉,又温柔,又有耐心,又会引导,观察能力强到总能观察到其他人没观察到的,经过几个月的合作,我女儿已经有不少进步,虽然我女儿还有很长的路要走,但是让我看到了点希望的曙光。谢谢Ms. Yulene,继续合作愉快!希望更多家庭能得益于老师的强大的专业能力。