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Qri™ – Quantum Reflex Integration

Qri™ – Quantum Reflex Integration

Qri™ – Quantum Reflex Integration services offered in Sugar Land, TX

The QRI low-level laser used has remarkable photochemical effects at the cellular level. The laser’s photons penetrate to several levels of tissue, depending on the type of laser diode, and can rejuvenate skin, fascia, bone, cartilage, and nerve tissue.

Photons are absorbed by both the mitochondria inside the cell and the cell membrane. Stimulation of mitochondria increases the production of ATP, which governs 80 – 90 percent of cellular activity, including replication.

Effects also include decreased inflammation of tissue and improved circulation. In the case of nerve tissue, the laser helps to restore the myelin sheath, which increases the speed and efficiency of impulse transmission.

More than 5,000 clinical studies involving laser therapy for physical conditions have been published, including over 200 double-blind studies.