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Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy

Developmental Therapy services offered in Sugar Land, TX

If your child shows signs of developmental delays, addressing the underlying cause is always more effective than treating the symptoms. Experienced pediatric occupational therapist Yulene Broussard, MS, OTR/L, works with children and their families at Yulene Developmental Consulting in Sugar Land, Texas, to target their concerns and help them reach their full potential academically, socially, and in their daily lives. Call or schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

What is developmental therapy?

Developmental therapy promotes healthy growth and development in children experiencing developmental delays or difficulties reaching expected milestones. 

As an experienced pediatric occupational therapist, Yulene works one-on-one with children and their families to address developmental delays or disabilities that may affect their physical, cognitive, communication, social, and emotional skills.

Developmental therapy aims to help children achieve their full potential by providing a supportive and stimulating environment that fosters growth and development. Yulene uses multiple techniques and interventions to help children improve their language skills, movement abilities, and other developmental milestones.

What areas can developmental therapy address?

Developmental therapy can help children achieve their developmental milestones and improve their overall quality of life by strengthening their:

  • Language and speech skills
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Social skills
  • Emotional regulation
  • Sensory processing
  • Play skills

By addressing these areas, developmental therapy can support children in building their self-esteem and confidence, improving their relationships with others, and overcoming challenges related to their growth and development. 

Yulene takes a personalized approach to care that often involves monitoring her clients at her office and in their homes via an online platform.

What are the benefits of developmental therapy?

If your child has struggled to reach developmental milestones, this targeted therapy can offer several benefits, including:

  • Boosted self-esteem
  • Better academic performance
  • Improved milestones (talking, exploring, independence, self-care tasks, playing, etc.)
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Enhanced social skills
  • Improved communication skills

With a range of techniques, Yulene can individualize your child’s developmental therapy to address their specific needs.

How does developmental therapy work?

Developmental therapy is a dynamic approach using a combination of play-based activities, structured exercises, and adaptive equipment tailored to each child's individual needs and abilities. Depending on your child’s unique needs, Yulene may recommend one or more of the following evidence-based developmental strategies:

  • DIRFloortime®
  • Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration (MNRI)
  • Rhythmic movement training
  • Sensory integration and sensory process approaches
  • Quantum reflex integration (QRI™)

The pediatric occupational therapy clinic also offers parent coaching to equip you with the necessary skills to support your child’s growth and development.

Yulene Developmental Consulting partners with children and their families to ensure that each child receives the personalized care and support they need to reach their full potential at home and in their community. To learn more, call or schedule an appointment online today.